Al Aali Exports, The offered meat is procured from authentic vendors of the market and is processed using high-grade flesh and advanced processing techniques in compliance with set food industry norms. Moreover, it is thoroughly tested on different quality parameters by our quality analysts assuring its freshness and hygienic packing.

Scaling industrial heights with their quality products, they are a well established exporter and supplier of wholesale buffalo meatfresh buffalo meatfrozen halal boneless buffalo meat, buffalo beef jerky and other frozen foods. Currently,this type of exporter are exporting to the countries of Middle East, Far East, West Africa and CIS. In Halal meat Exporters mostly types of meat and tissues of animals comes under. The word Halal is taken from Arabic. Halal means any object or action, which is permissible in Islam.

Talking about Halal food, only Pork meat is not allowed in Islam. Means Islam allow to eat meat rather than pork meat. The non-pork meat also depends on the sources from where meat is taken. A meat is called Halal if it is non-pork meat and the slaughter of animal is performed by a Muslim only. And the Allah’s name must be taken during slaughter. The animal is slaughter with a sharp knife while the animal is conscious. After this a animal must be dead without cutting spinal cord. Then the blood from veins must be drained. Halal meat is produced in strict guidelines and exported by Halal meat exporters all over the world.

The process of preparing Halal meat is called Dhabiha. This method allows to cut the animal with a sharp edge knife or razor. The animal must not see being slaughter any other animal and also not see being sharpen the blade. Before the slaughter, a animal must be checked that it is in good condition and given a proper diet too. One should alos make ensure that the animal has given proper water and things to drink and eat. After all that a animal is cut from throat with a sharp knife. Then it is hung from upside down so that all the blood must be drained from its body. Eating blood is not allowed in Islam. The method of Halal used in Islam is much better than western method used these days. As it is less stressful and painful. And the name of Allah is taken between process. And in this process it is also take care that full respect is given to a animal. Halal Meat Suppliers in delhiMeat exporters in indiaBoneless meat exporters