Al Aali Exports Pvt. Ltd. provide wide range of frozen meat. These are widely valued by the clients for rich taste and flavor. Frozen meat initially stored in the cold storage units that ensure aroma and nutritional value. According to the high quality standards, this type of meat exported to different clients from all over the world.

Meat or chicken also available in form of frozen meat for this purpose first of all Chickens are purchased from well known and certified dealers to ensure quality that’s why selection process of selecting a healthy meat is done with precision by professionals of the company. Only healthy chickens are selected and processed. The cleaning process involves thoroughly cleaning of this meat with clean warm water, which is than packed in clean and airtight packets to protect them from outer environment. These are than kept in effectively working clean freezers. These are available in different kilograms and at reasonable market rates. For this type of meat, frozen meat it is easy to transport because it have long life.

The best part of frozen meat Exporters is you can keep it for a long time. And even some meat last in the freezer for up to one year. So frozen meat has so many advantages for Boneless Frozen meat exporters. Frozen Buffalo meat can be export to other countries via ships too as water ships takes minimum one week to reach from one country to another. Halal meat can be exported to other countries via ships too as it will last long. Water ships costs low too so it will save some money for Buffalo Meat exporters too and cost low for consumers. Now let’s talk about the time period, one can keep their meat freeze, cooked poultry can be preserved up to 4 months. Uncooked poultry parts can be preserving up to 9 months. Uncooked whole poultry can be preserving up to 12 months in a freezer. Cooked meat can be preserve up to 2 to 3 months. Uncooked roasts can be preserving up to 4 to 12 months. So the frozen meat has good advantage of time as compared to other meat. As it, last long one can eat them until so long time.

When freezer was not invented and not became popular like today peoples who lives in cooler climate used to preserve meat by digging holes in ground. Then they fill that with ice and cover with straw. Al Aali Exports

Exporters of Frozen Meat in Asia