The largest exporter of Buffalo meat products

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The largest exporter of Buffalo meat products

India- The largest exporter of Buffalo meat products

Taste is the wonder that works and people are found of searching new and delicious taste every time. Just like a person gets bored with their living style they get bored of eating the same food and it becomes tough to change the food in the new taste. But it is the only meat that can please once heart and give a lip smacking taste.

Al Ali Exports Pvt. Ltd. help to deliver the real taste with high quality and Hygienic Meat product to the all across the world by supplying the varieties of meat like- halal meat, buffalo meat, frozen meat and boneless meat. The top quality buffalo meat exporters delivers the value to their customers for what they paid and provides the fresh meat that is made by full neatness. The main motto of the alaaliexports is not only to sell the meat, but is to serve the real taste by building the strong relationship with their potential customers. The meat processing is done by the experienced breeders and the export process is done in a complete licensed way as certified by the law. The halal meat exporters supplies the meat which is prepared in the most hygienic manner and is processed by the butchers who has experience of making the proper halal, so that the Muslim customers can get the real halal meat that one look for. Now the facility of buying the meat is provided online also and according to the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (Apeda) India is considered as the largest exporter of the buffalo meat.

The countries like Vietnam, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia are the largest meat users were most of the meats are supplied by the Indian Meat exporters. Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Aurangabad, Hyderabad and Aligarh are the largest producer of quality meat in India. These places provide top quality poultry beads to their cattle that helps to get healthy and hygienic meat.

What are the benefits of having buffalo meat?
The superior quality of meat not only serves the taste, but it has a lot of benefits too. The best thing of the meat is that it has low calorie and cholesterol, so it’s healthy to eat. Fat’s is found in most of the meat, but the buffalo meat is one that is not greasy and has no fat. It has a high level of protein and iron that is a positive point for building the health. The buffalo meat is available in the different cuts so one can buy their favorite piece, whether it is Hind quarter (includes silver side, knuckle, tenderloin, rump streak and top buffalo side or fore quarter cut (includes neck piece, blade meat, chuck, slices, fores of buffalo and brisket).

Take a wonder of the taste by indulging yourself in buying the best quality meat by the licensed meat exporter in India who’s product is reliable, free of antibiotics, drugs and chemicals and is full of natural benefits.

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