Production of Buffalo Meat is Rising

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Production of Buffalo Meat is Rising

The production of Buffalo meat is rising year by year in India. Last year in 2012 3.23 million tons of meat produced in India. This year the figure becomes 3.27 million tons. From these 1.7 million tons exported, last year it was 1.41 million. Therefore, as you can see it is increasing year by year. In India as cow shipment and other activities like killing banned in some states of India. No one can produce it’s meat in some states of India. But producing the buffalo meat is not illegal in India, so all Indian meat exporters use buffalo as a substitute of it. So the buffalo meat exported and produced in India at a wide scale.

Tarun Bajaj, General Manager, Agricultural and Processed Foods Export Development Authority (Apeda) said in a statement that our buffalo meat exports are giving a tough competition to other countries due to our competitive pricing and quality.

The one third production of total beef meat is Buffalo meat in India. Since the slaughter of cow is banned in India, one exporter can slaughter male cow and unproductive females. The Buffalo meat exporters are widely active in West Asia, North Africa and South-East Asia. Other key players in these markets are Brazil. But Indian Buffalo meat exporters are giving a hard hit to them because of quality and pricing. Importers all over the world liking Indian meat exporters due to wel reason and making a tough for well-established players like Brazil. Brazil where producing and exporting any type of meat is totally legal. But still Indian Buffalo meat exporters are giving them tough completion in unlike circumstances too.

Now let’s talk about domestic market. As international market is growing, domestic Indian market is also seeing boom in beef industry. Buffalo is popular among Indian meat eaters. Indian Buffalo Frozen meat exporters are offering excellent quality buffalo Knuckle/ Thick Flank, IWP that is used for corning, rolling and boiling. Knuckle and thick flank are cut from the rump of the livestock and removed along the natural seams between the top and silverside. Being the reckoned names in the industry, they offer an extensive range of Buffalo Honeycomb that re acclaimed among the clients for optimum quality and high strength. offer premier quality buffalo meat, which is thoroughly trimmed. Trimming is done with the help of adequate tool for accurate size and shape cutting. Our clients can also avail boneless buffalo meat, buffalo mutton cubes and slice buffalo apart from Boneless buffalo meat, which is tempting. Al aali Exports, Meat Suppliers India



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